PROJECT GROUP together with local secondary school

A total of nine pupils from the Dautphetal secondary school successfully took part in twelve consecutive appointments at the Schul AG at Heck + Becker from 27.08.2018 to 28.01.19 in order to get to know the profession of tool maker and to learn more about the company.

During the six-month period, the students were able to gain a first impression of the basic skills of a tool maker and also test the skills they had learned at the Heck + Becker Academy. For this purpose, the students produced a bottle opener and the game “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” (“Ludo”).

The company Heck + Becker would like to thank all participants as well as the “Mittelpunktschule Dautphetal” and is looking forward to an extended cooperation in the future!


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