Our experience and technical competence in engineering recognizes and solves problems before they arise!
Markus Theiwes – Member of the Executive Board

Development support

Engineering is our craft

Casting and HPDC die development

Our experts from engineering and application technology work with you to develop functional castings as an upstream process in the development of the high pressure die casting die – taking into account all influencing factors relevant to casting. This means that our engineers do not just start after the functional component has been completed; they start at a very early stage, e.g. with the development of topology models. We have all the relevant engineering software for this in house, such as Catia-, Siemens NX, and Creo.


Once the engineering results are available, they are validated by filling and solidification simulations. The results then flow directly back into process development and casting design. In this way, you achieve extremely high reliability of results while simultaneously optimising development costs. With our competence platform, we also offer you state-of-the-art simulation software such as Magma, Flow3D and NovaFlow.


Space for your innovation

Welcome to the future of die casting technology! Our DTC is probably the largest and most modern die casting technology center in the world. All our knowledge, competence and experience is combined in this center. The Heck + Becker Die Casting Technology Center offers a completely automated casting cell with a locking force of 3,200 tons. Automated spraying and extraction with a 6-axis robot as well as the documented application of all common temperature control, cooling and vacuum technologies enable us to put your die through its paces under close-to-production conditions.

Together with your experts, we sample your new tools close to series production and simultaneously develop the optimum series production process. In addition, the casting of small series of up to 3000 castings is also possible here. The validation of the tool and the castings is carried out by the connected quality assurance. The components are measured optically and tactilely. The final step is a comprehensive documentation according to the latest guidelines…

In our DTC we offer you the space for your innovations! Our philosophy: “From idea to process”.
Benjamin Jung – Member of the Executive Board

3,200 tons locking force

6-axis spraying and extraction robot

Classic and innovative spraying technology

Latest temperature control and vacuum technology

X-ray analysis – melting and blister furnace




We support you comprehensively and sustainably – also during the start-up of new dies – and always with regard to the results of the previous process development. In this way, we guarantee an optimal workflow for your individual solution, cooperative project support and, finally, a maximum return on investment.



Heck + Becker stands for a fast and reliable spare parts supply, because this also becomes increasingly important in a successful after-sales service. The time in which a repair can be carried out is largely determined by the availability of the spare part. To ensure this, our customers enjoy individual spare parts management for all tools.


Innovation and performance – that’s what Heck + Becker stands for – worldwide! Our skilled workers and engineers will assist you with the maintenance and service of your tools. The Heck + Becker service team is available on all continents and can be reached around the clock.