Our experience and technical competence in engineering recognizes and solves problems before they arise!
Markus Theiwes – Head of Sales and Senior Project Manager

Development support

Engineering is our craft

Casting and HPDC die development

Our experts from engineering and application technology work with you to develop functional castings as an upstream process in the development of the high pressure die casting die – taking into account all influencing factors relevant to casting. This means that our engineers do not just start after the functional component has been completed; they start at a very early stage, e.g. with the development of topology models. We have all the relevant engineering software for this in house, such as Catia-, Siemens NX, and Creo.


Once the engineering results are available, they are validated by filling and solidification simulations. The results then flow directly back into process development and casting design. In this way, you achieve extremely high reliability of results while simultaneously optimising development costs. With our competence platform, we also offer you state-of-the-art simulation software such as Magma, Flow3D and NovaFlow.