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  • We have expanded our services significantly…
    by establishing a Die Casting Technology Center (DTC),
    with an innovative and ground-breaking die casting machine
    cell that produces impressive performance data.

    In close liaison with our customers and partners, we are able
    to take full advantage of the unique opportunities of the DTC.

From parts sampling to prototype production, from powertrain and structural
chassis parts to the research of new technologies…projects which seemed
impossible, are now feasible.

Welcome to the future! We look forward to talking to you and are excited
to hear your vision.



Sampling in-Pressure Casting Technology Center

• Dimensional pattern
• Experimenting with spray
• Casting System Optimization

Quality Check

• X-ray equipment
• Optical Measurement
• Spectrum


• Mold Technology
• Spray
• Casting Technology
• Mold temperature


• Zero series
• Small series


• Start-up support site
• Spare Parts
• Maintenance and repair

Technical data:

Die Casting Machine
  • 3.200 ton Locking Force
  • Make: Müller Weingarten
  • Two-Platen-Technology
  • Size of Clamp area: 2.700 x 2700 mm [106 in x 106 in]
  • Vacural Equipment (High Vacuum Casting)
Oven & Furnace
  • ZPF Oven with 1000 kg/h Melt Capacity
  • Balzer crubible furnance for uncommen alloys
  • Holding Furnce for Vacural Casting
  • Dosing Furnance Westomat 120S
Die Lube Spray Technology
  • Fa. Böhmer MikroSpeay
  • Modular spray head desgin
  • High Energy Impact and MikroSpray Technology
  • Die Lube Mixing Station with Pressure Booster
Heating and Cooling Units
  • 17 Circuits with approx. 200kW
Spray and Extraction Robot
  • 2 x Kuka KR210
X-Ray Unit
  • Philips MU17 225 kV